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Residential Cheese Making Workshop

Transforming Milk into Cheese: A Hands-On Journey


How Milk transforms to Cheese?

Join Namrata’s immersive three-day residential cheesemaking workshop and discover the fascinating journey from milk to cheese. 

This hands-on experience will explore the critical processes involved and the intricate passage of time that defines different cheese styles.

You will also learn how the same milk can be crafted into numerous unique cheese styles, each with its own texture and flavour.



Chapter 1: Cutting the Curds

One of the most crucial aspects of cheesemaking is ‘cutting the curds’. Curds are the coagulated milk solids that form during the cheese-making process.

The size, texture, and amount of cooking of the curds are vital in determining the style and quality of the cheese.

This workshop, Chapter 1, focuses on this essential skill, making it invaluable for both beginners and experienced cheesemakers.


Red Hill Nature Resort

Red Hill Nature Resort is nestled in one of the most stunning locations of the 'Queen of Hill Stations,' Ooty.

Imagine learning, networking and unwinding amidst this scenic beauty.

The package includes full boarding and meals for 4 nights, along with the immersive 3-day cheesemaking course.

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Namrata Sundaresan

Namrata is a renowned cheesemaker from Chennai, India, and the Co-Founder of Käse, an internationally acclaimed artisan cheese brand established in 2016. She holds multiple certifications in cheesemaking and sensory analysis from the UK, USA, and Italy. Namrata is also the first certified Training Partner in India for the Academy of Cheese, UK.

Namrata has refined her cheesemaking skills under the guidance of David Asher, a globally respected expert in natural cheesemaking. Her dedication to the craft and passion for education make her an exceptional trainer for this immersive cheesemaking course.

Namrata believes in growth through social empowerment. She collaborates with NGOs to work with pastoral communities, empowering youth through cheesemaking, market linkage, and mentoring. Her efforts help them create and establish their own brands, fostering sustainable development and social impact.

Certification Details

Rave Reviews

"I think till today I've never had such a deep bond with any trainer but for Namrata. We had 3 beautiful days of training for Academy Of Cheese. 

Little did I know that those 3 days would become cherished memories for life. I look forward to Level 2 with her. She is an inspiration for budding artisan cheese makers and I wish to intern with her one day."

VIBHUTI, Himachal Pradesh


Chapter 2: Mold Musings

In the coming year, we will introduce an advanced studies group for cheesemakers who are already making and maturing cheese. 

Stay tuned for Chapter 2 - Mold Musings!

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Course Registration

 Limited Availability. Block Your Place Today! 

Spaces are limited for this unique residential workshop. Reserve your spot to embark on this transformative cheese-making journey.


Cheese is not made in a day, nor can you learn all about making and aging cheese in three days. This beginner's course provides the foundational knowledge and framework to start making a range of cheeses.

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